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Bryan Levy Young and his teams offers insightful, sensitive, and professional guidance to assist families in identifying the most appropriate academic settings for their school aged and university bound children.  We provide support in preparing for entrance exams and practical guidance in mastering the application package. We also have access to the very best programs for students with special needs and provide access to consultants, medical professionals and therapists.  We also connect our students to the most exciting and unique GAP year programs, internships, summer camps and extracurricular programs.


The Gap Year Project


What has long been a tradition in Europe, the GAP year experience is rapidly becoming a popular option for North American families.   Many parents recognize that their university aged child may not be ready to commit to post secondary studies.  These students will benefit from a year of skill building, self-discovery, independence and adventure in order to prepare to launch into the next big step of their lives. Yet many parents express concern that the GAP year be more than a grand holiday on the beach in Thailand, or slinging espressos at Starbucks. The Gap Year Project provides a meaningful GAP year experience that will fulfill many functions

  •  Increase opportunities for university/college admission by improving GPA or earning AP credits.
  •  Enhance academic and personal skills to be set up for success in undergrad
  • Develop confidence, self sufficiency, esteem and self regulation
  • Build social and emotional intellectual reasoning along with maturity and social sophistication.

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